Henry works as a designer, an associate and is always looking for opportunities to solve problems and create theatre!

Henry is scenic designer, stage manager, producer, and an avid camp counselor. He works as a designer and an associate and is always looking to have a hand in new and innovative projects! Henry was raised in San Diego, California and grew his interest in theatre design and production, particularly in set design, in high school. Now, he has his in B.F.A. Theatre Design & Production from the University of Michigan. He was also an Executive Producer for MUSKET, the university’s oldest and largest student Musical Theatre group (through the pandemic, they adapted to present filmed musical movies of NEWSIES IN CONCERT and BRIGHT STAR)

Additionally, Henry has grown up attending Gold Arrow Camp (a traditional summer camp in the Sierra Nevadas in California) and now spends his summers there as a Counselor. Specifically, what he appreciates most about his time at camp is the ability to disconnect from technology for three months; where he can relish in being present. He’s worked primarily with 6-9 year olds, and now with all ages. Henry, known as “Bravo”, received their honorary Coach’s Award in 2017